Perks of the Total Body Workout


It is a constant debate among workout and fitness enthusiasts. Should you work out the parts of your body you want to strengthen or your entire body? Everyone has their own opinions, but it does not mean they are all correct!

Total Body Workout

squat technique

The truth is that a total body workout is always the ideal solution, whether you are hoping to build up your arms, legs, shoulders or chest. The specific area of your body you want to build up does not matter. When you engage in a total body workout, you will see far better gains in those specific parts of your body.

Boost Testosterone and Gains

Now you may be wondering, why is a total body workout the way forward? Is it necessary for me to focus a day on my legs, when I am just hoping to build up my upper body? The answer is yes, it is necessary.

The reason why it is important is because of testosterone. When we exercise our whole body, testosterone levels increase. And that is why you will gain more in your upper body when you are also working your lower body.

Learning Squats and Other Leg Exercises

It is so important to learn the proper squat technique if you want to build up mass quickly. When you squat, lunge and perform other leg exercises, your body will be releasing a lot of testosterone. The result is that you will be seeing much better gains when you are working out your chest, arms and shoulders. Instead of taking a few months to see significant gains, you may find that after six weeks you are already looking and feeling a lot stronger.

We all have our preferences when it comes to working out. Some prefer upper body workouts to lower body exercises. But a total body workout will help you with gains, as compared to focusing on specific areas.

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